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Pro·ven·ture. /'prōˈvenCHər/ Noun. a chance taken beyond the comfort zone of an organization, exclusively for the potential of changing a situation for the benefit of those involved.

At ProVenture Advisors our mission is to help build strong and resilient organizations.

What if there was a more shrewd and considered way to approach where your enterprise is going?

What if how your organization thinks and works markedly changed as it viewed the many options and choices it had for an ever-changing future?

What if there was an approach available to take the best choices - turning risk into significant opportunities for your enterprise?

We believe there is.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

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Enterprise Risk

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Our Approach

ProVenture's distinct approach includes:

Commitment to inclusive voice to maximize organizational wisdom.

We emphasize cross functional teams to capture creative insight and multidimensional perspectives when addressing risk and strategic options.

Disciplined Frameworks

We follow a comprehensive roadmap, customized for each organization's unique approach in the marketplace to provide fulsome consideration of risk and strategy.

Leading from Behind

We act as "inside" advisors to senior leaders providing objectivity, insight and wise integration of the executive suite, other leaders and the Board as required. We work within your cultural norms to support and empower individuals and teams.

We needed new strategic choices to be assessed, and operating models and financial structures to be created. ProVenture delivered with a wise, practical, and sound solution advising us with new paradigms for evaluating and measuring new investments to grow Philanthropy globally. 

World Vision International


 ProVenture is serving our organization to roll out an Enterprise Risk discipline. They are masterful to raise the significance of risk. Their approaches are insightful and accessible, and harness the value of inclusive thinking - our people are invigorated doing this work!


As we embarked on a new strategy to transform the legacy of the global ministry, ProVenture thoughtfully engaged our teams using creative approaches and challenged us to consider strategic options we had not thought about before. They fostered a safe way for us to get on the same page as a team, and have highly accelerated our strategic journey and set up a transformational way forward.


The implementation of a risk management infrastructure is a key objective in our strategic plan. David and Cheryl of ProVenture bring a level of sophistication to both strategy and risk as well as tools to make the initiative come alive with realism. Their approach, which has been inclusive, sensitive, and dignified as they engaged with both senior leaders and all levels of our organization. 


Our strategic goals are large and transformative and ProVenture has been insightful in helping us to work through the challenges. The risk lens that ProVenture brings to strategy is valuable to our moving forward well. Dave and Cheryl are skilled at engaging the team to garner new and creative thinking.


We gained a greater insight to understand the current state and what was required for a desired future state. The methodical approach made our problem set clearer, strategic choices more present, and accelerated us toward better-informed decision making.


Cheryl is a wise leader who championed and successfully led the integration of a strategic enterprise risk approach into the Board and leadership cadence. David is an innovative leader and a sought-after advisor and mentor. Both are experienced business people in the areas of strategy and risk with proven track records collaborating with the C-suite and Board. 

Christine Cooper

EVP & Head Canadian Commercial Banking - BMO Bank of Montreal & Independent Director  

Ready to find out more?

Objectivity is one of the most significant strengths of risk leadership. Partnership with an experienced, qualified professional who is one step removed from the ethos of your culture is a strength to the effectiveness of your ERL process.

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